November 25, 2014

End Violence against Women

End Violence against Women 

The United Nations with all the Institutional partners every year develops new initiatives to create ways to end the violence against Women.

Is our responsibility to promote respect between children, inside the schools, inside college and universities, inside of the institutions, inside of every religious Community and in all aspects of our jobs and activities.

All the political representatives in every government and in every institution have a responsibility to honor and respect "Women" specially for the importance of the role that every woman represents in life, in school, in every home, and in every place where women work Where Women Work

Is a global and universal law to respect women and to end all the abuses regarding job discrimination, education discrimination, social and race discrimination, color or ethnics discrimination, sexual abuse and all kinds of harassment to little women and to women in every age and stage of life.

" Is our responsibility to build a better world and to give Respect to Every Women "