June 12, 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility at Walgreens Boots Alliance

In the Corporate Responsibility there are many areas to comply and one of them are the Human Resources, the training and development of the Personnel, Wages and Salaries, the Climate of the Organization with the internal Stakeholders and the engagement of every associate when is a brand new person inside the company and also when the person already has more time working for the company.

How is he/she treated inside the Team and how are the Recognitions working inside the organization.

A great example for all of Us is the Walgreens Boots Alliance and its Corporate Social Responsibility.

At the picture the CSR Manager Giulia Ferrati and CSR Assistant Alice from WBA London at the presentation for all the Graduated Students from the Master of Management and CSR visiting from Italy

Part of my Training with the Master in Management and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas "Angelicum Rome" in Italy was the Corporate Visit Program at London
with our Tutor and Sponsor in London Loughlin Hickey from Blueprint for Better Business and one of the Companies that We visited was The Walgreens Boots Alliance at London they really have a great Team at The Corporate Social Responsibility Unit and the CSR Director Richard Ellis, the CSR Manager Giulia Ferrati and the CSR Assistant Alice they are great professionals and they explained all the CSR Mission, Vision and Values at the Walgreens for the global business.

At the picture CSR Director of WBA London Richard Ellis and the President of Blueprint for Better Business London Loughlin Hickey.

CSR Manager Giulia Ferrati doing her  Presentation

At the picture the Question time for the CSR Director Richard Ellis from Walgreens Boots Alliance London

We learned the importance of the Human Resources in every organization with the Mission and Vision of the Corporate Social Responsibility and how a company can grow together with the Human Capital.

The Values of multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and engagement are the Key for success. Supporting and accepting new talent ideas are the best instrument to make a person feel important inside the organization and having an Equal Employment Opportunity where different languages and experiences are welcome all of these for sure make a Big Difference and the result is a Powerful Team.

At the picture Loughlin Hickey from Blueprint for Better Business, Helen Alford Vice Dean of the Master Management and Corporate Social Responsibility Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas Angelicum Rome Italy, Marina Russo Master Program Director and the Master's Graduated students Gianna Fortunato, Angela Boccali and visitors.

The same impact You have when You enter as a customer inside Walgreens in the UK or in the United States of America and You find a great customer service and attention to the details for each client at the pharmacy, cosmetics and personal care, optical, house and general departments.

All the personnel are trained to offer the best to each client or customer.

At the picture the final questions for the CSR Team of Walgreens London Richard Ellis, Giulia Ferrati and Alice.

Also to give back to the Community is the better way for a company to demonstrate the transparency and loyalty with all the Stakeholders, specially when the causes are education, recreation, improve the health of persons with needs for circumstances or job loss. Just to mention few of the programs that Walgreens Boots Alliance make a great contribution specially with the Code of Ethics that promote in the whole Chain of Supply around the World and for the great respect for the Corporate Social Responsibility being a company with global business that do not allow the Modern Slavery or work of minors and also honoring all the declarations of the United Nations against to every kind of abuse.

Courtesy Walgreens Boots Alliance Press Office
Walgreens Boots Alliance CSR Report

Courtesy Blueprint for Better Business London
Blueprint for Better Business London