November 25, 2017

Respect for All Women Every Day

" The United Nations are promoting the respect for Women everywhere in every moment and in all nations around the World "

Promoting dignity and promoting equal opportunity the United Nations are explaining that We all are persons that deserve respect and in this case the most important thing is to give an honest Job to every woman in the World, in every country and in every Community in the disadvantaged Countries.  

Promote the Values for every Woman in every Country 

Endorse the Women's Empowerment Principles

The Respect for every Woman it most be every Day, not only on each November 25 th the Day of The International Day against Women's Violence.

In our Schools, in our Houses, in our Jobs and in every Government's Office it must be taught the responsibility to treat women with respect and to give an honest Job and an Honest Salary. 

The Bullism is a form of agressive behavior manifested by the use of force to affect others, particularly when the bahavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power.

 It can include verbal agression, physical assault or coercion, in particular for race, religion, gender, sexuality or ability and in the majority of cases is regarding women and teenagers in difficulties in schools and also in life. 

This horrible misconduct must stop. We all are responsible in every situations of life if We see something wrong to inform the Police and other authorities, in order to assist the victim of bullying.

This important Video explains very well all the actions taken to eliminate all kinds of discriminations.

Also is good to know about the Program in every Country but specially in the communities with a lot of necessities the importance to have an Honest Job with and Honest Salary for every Woman. 

Changing The World Changing the Work

For this interesting Program You also can contribute to Educate the persons You know, the People where You work to Educate them to Respect Women and starting that Respect from the begining at Home and in School.

No one Woman Behind End Violence against Women and Girls

Courtesy Press of United Nations Global Compact
Courtesy Press Of United Nations