July 4, 2015

Why Teens Ignore Risk for a Little Reward?

It seems to be difficult to be a teenager in this new global economy, but on the other hand they get bombarded with horrible news and wrong messages that do not elevate their inner self to be the best they can be. A clinical research University of Pittsburgh reveals why young people look for instant reward when sometimes it might not be worth the risk taken.

Most of the time, the teenagers are looking to have have fun and get rapid reward to feel emotions or to interact with other groups or to be accepted, for that reason the role of the father, mother, tutor, teachers, old brothers and sisters is to give exact instructions.

For example, be clear and specific while saying: You Must Say No to Drugs and alcohol abuse because will ruin your brain and life. Also in the same order when it comes to driving cars and motorcycles at a fast velocity since their life is at risk or having sex instinctively at a early age instead of waiting for the true love. The most important thing is to explain them That Life is so beautiful and they have to take care of them and tell them they are important.

The University of Pittsburgh have taken a look at the teen brain (the teen rat’s brain, specifically) and found that scientists’ presumptions may be off base. 

“The adolescent brain doesn’t work the way we think it does,” the research says. “We have a set of predictions about it that keep proving to be wrong, that they seek pleasure because dopamine is more active. This study shows that may not be the case.”