July 20, 2016

Europe is Peace, Sustainability and a Better Life

Every day We all get a lot of information regarding the planet, the water and the food for all in the world. I understand that in some cases people do not understand the importance of the situation.

Plus in the countries with a lot of necessities regarding food and water for example Africa, the situation is really difficult and the Association and Religious Organizations are resolving in each community a lot of problems for the every day needs for children and disadvantaged populations in the world.

Europe becomes aware of the limits of the Blue Planet and of the need for a fair share for all, notably the rapidly growing developing nations and the younger generation.

Europe and The Sustainability in the World

Europe needs to rediscover social market economy principles, including solidarity, and to match it with planetary boundaries to create an inclusive society for all Europeans. The European Union offers by now 70 years of peace and the years that will come and the basis for sustainable development on this continent.

The EU has created unprecedented wealth with its social market economy approach, building more egalitarian societies based on democracy and rule of law. Even when contested from within, the EU remains attractive to its neighbors.

The United Nations Agenda for 2030 to obtain Education, Better Health, Clean Water, Food, Honest Jobs, Houses to live for the populations with necessities and the security that the Europe will contribute to all the goals regarding peace and a Sustainable World for all is really wonderful to know that a lot of countries and persons are giving a lot of efforts to have peace, food, water and a better planet for all the generations to come.

I am really proud if one day I would have the opportunity to work for the European Union.

Courtesy of United Nations Department of Public Information Press