April 19, 2013

Teamwork in Italy

"None of Us is as smart as all of Us" Ken Blanchard

For all of Us that are familiar with the word Teamwork, especially if We have worked in private companies,
where every area of the organization helps the other area in order to accomplish the final goal that always is regarding the clients, customers or citizens that are paying to obtain a product or service.

Regarding the political situation in Italy is very easy to understand that none of them, the persons that are in every political group have any type of experience in their life of Teamwork.

But in reality all of them put first their own personals situations and they do not care for the people or families in Italy  that are having really hard time because of the taxes and expenses like electricity, gasoline, medical expenses, mortgage, rent and others like unemployment.

Since Italy is one the most expensive countries to live from the group of the European Community, regarding the Taxes is very obvious that maybe the political parties need to be an example and show to all of Us the Teamwork, to improve difficult situations.