November 25, 2015

Selfie Mania, Self Esteem and International Women's Day

On the International Women's Day it is very important to elevate the Self Esteem in every Woman around the World. If We think about it, is always a big difference between men and women.

Regarding Job Positions, Job Salaries and also the way that Children have being raised is to elevate the Men Self Esteem.

I remember when We were children some family members or acquaintances used to tell my Mother you have 4 Daughters and not even 1 Boy,  so what is the problem I tell them now.

That means that We are more Beautiful, more Intelligent, more Entrepreneurs and more Courageous than anybody else that is why She has only Daughters.

But when I was a Little Girl I did not have all my studies and knowledge that I have earned studying and working as I have now to have the power to answer to them.

Now, I Can  have the courage to write and be impressed when I learned that in Africa Women cannot Vote, in China still they do not want the  Baby if, it is going to be a Girl and so many other things that I cannot understand regarding practices of selling and buying Women in other countries.

One day I went to meeting close by the Building of the Treasury in Rome and for my surprise I saw several women next to the highway and next to the train stations selling their bodies, but really important Government Persons every day have their chauffeurs driving Them and watching that scenes and it seems that in Italy there is no law for that, they can do whatever they want with their bodies in the middle of the street.

It is incredible all the technology that We can see around but the mentality of the Human Being it is not elevated at the maximum potential.

The same thing when Women or also I would say Men are in a difficult relationship with no Love and no Respect, but they tolerate abusive situations and do not have the power to get help and finish with that situation, maybe because of economic situations  or maybe because they do not have a place to go and they have to tolerate being treated that way.

Instead of being treated as a Child of God and a Princess or a Real Lady. Might God protect, give a Huge Self Esteem, give Intelligence and send a lot of Angels and Organizations around the World to help every Woman in every difficult situation so they can be FREE.

To contribute and elevate the self Esteem in every person now We have the Selfie Mania it is a way to elevate ourselves and of course find a nice place and take a picture of yourself or ask someone to take You a picture.

 I know agree with the Selfie Mania because is a Real Way to elevate the Self Esteem in every Woman. Now I take a picture every time I see the wonders of Italy and each city I visit. On this selfie with one of my Sisters from

I am publishing a picture with my Sister and my Mother too. Get One Picture  and Smile at the World. The Selfie Mania helps You with your Health and with your attitude in Life.

The Self Esteem can be learned since We are teenagers and the Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, family members, Tutors and every person responsible of a Child has to elevate their self esteem is a very Positive Way to have a Positive and strong Person in the Future.