December 4, 2015

The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

This is a time during a year, that We think about all the projects that We have accomplished  and to be honest with You, I always have so many things to do that I put all I did not finish for the list to do the next year. And in all the things We want to do We have to remember to: " Dream Big and Work Hard "

It is something that We have in common with all the religions and points of view, to think about our job, our family, our health, our fitness and wellbeing, the city to live or the city to work. 

If We talk about current events We get preoccupied about the political situations in so many countries and I elevate a prayer for all the populations, especially for children that live in countries and territories with war and so many necessities of all kinds. 

At this moment my prayers are for all of Them for the Christians that are in fugue from the Middle East and looking for a country in Europe to accept them. For the kids and populations that have problems for a house to live or for the food to eat. 

For the insecurity in so many countries, for the Soldiers that are in dangerous places, for people that are looking for a job.

For all of Them in this Beautiful month of December I elevate my prayers.

For the people around the World with a health situations I pray to find great Doctors and institutions to cure and assist them. 

Always remember to Work Hard for all that You want  and to Dream Big for Yourself, for Your Family and for Your Loved Ones and also for everybody around the World.