November 20, 2015

Zero Children Hunger in the World

You Can Help with the Goal Zero Children Hunger in the World "Especially in the Families in need that are around the World " Give Them their Daily Bread "  " There is not an equal distribution of the food and water in the World "

For You and Me The Challenge is Zero Hunger in the World

The Developed Countries and all the Governments and Institutions around the world have the Social Responsibility to assist the Communities and the Countries that have situations of disadvantage regarding economics, social, political, educational, health and houses issues  and the most important of all is that is not fair that a lot of people are in obesity conditions and the children and populations in need are hungry and with bad conditions of health nutrition.

The Word Health Organization is working with all the most important countries and organizations to obtain for the Zero Hunger in the World for the Sustainable Development Goals for 2020.